a day as a City Biker, Bangkok (1D) (Private Tour)


South-Sathorn has been known as Bangkok’s Central Business District, but actually not many people know that South-Sathorn is the city’s hidden gems due to its culture diversity.

This cycling tour offers you the opportunity to explore 5 spectacular communities in this area where 4 religious and 5 unique cultures can live in perfect harmony since a hundred year ago. During biking trip, you will stop at 7 amazing unseen attractions in South-Sathorn area, and learn about their history. Visiting the oldest house, ship and the second largest tree in Bangkok. Have fun with workshop of traditional local snack with auntie Sa, and enjoy eating snacks that you will never think that it has in Sathorn area.

Cell Signal
  • Pick up service at Surasak BTS Station exit number 3
  • Bicycle and safety equipment
  • Personal tour guide and local youth guides
  • Work shop of local snack, Ja-Loh, with a local chef
  • Accidental Insurance
What to expect
  • Explore a true cultural melting pot of Bangkok
  • Have fun with exercising along with spectacular architecture of the community
  • Delight yourself with Indonesian style lunch and street snacks throughout the biking trail
  • Pay respect to 24 Indian god figures and white-jade Buddha to bless you for for the prosperity of life
  • Experience traditional Thai snack work shop with the local expert who make this snack for her living
  • Shopping for souvenir and delicious local food at St. Louis Food Street
  • Surprise with a wooden house that has been located in the community for 100 years
  • Visit the second largest tree in Bangkok
USD per guest

Good morning Bangkok The Jour-ney team will pick you up at Surasak BTS Station exit number 3 around 9 a.m. Then pick up bicycle at “Moonride” bike shop. Now you are ready to bike!! The bike route will lead you to the wonderful landmarks of four religions and 7 unseen attractions. The first unseen will be St. Louis Church which is unique architecture church of Bangkok with the shape of cross when looking from bird eyes’ view. You will bike pass a 100 years-old wooden house which currently use as a residence for local people. After that you will stop at Argosy Yanawa Temple to pay respect to buddha at the oldest gold bark which is the second unseen of this trip continue cycling to the third and fourth unseen attractions which are Vishanu Temple and Prok Temple to pay respect to 24 Indian god figures and buddha. You will have small break to taste an original flavor of Samosa, the local Indian snack, before heading to the 5th unseen which is Chinese cemetery, the largest cemetery in Bangkok.

Time to park your bike and enjoy unseen number 6 which is your Indonesian-style lunch. After your stomach full of delicious food, we will get back to the bicycle and heading to Jawa Mosque, unseen number 7, the best place to learn about muslim history. Biking to the Rhong Nam Khaeng community to have fun with Ja-Loh snack workshop teach by local people. Cycling to visit one of the most famous shrine in Sathorn area and shopping for fantastic food at St. Louis Food Street. The trip will be finish around 2.30 p.m. at Surasak BTS station. Recommended** This bike trip will visit many religious places therefore please wear long sleeves pant, and sneakers

Community Development Fund

The Jour- ney aims to preserve the livelihood of local people and local tourism by setting up a community fund to develop community’s products with local people and encouraging local youth to love and cherish their community. Your visiting support not only fund but also creating job opportunity for local youth as they will be your guide.