Life at Riverside Village, Baan Huai Raeng, Trat

Baan Huai Raeng is an award-winning community based tourism destination. It is a tranquil community, located in central Thailand and approximately 15 kilometers from Trat city. The community has formed for over three hundred years, while the villagers have lived along Huai Raeng canal for many many generations. The canals brackish water and seasonal tides give its shoreside plantations plenty of nourishment to be rich and fruitful all year round.
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Electricity 24/7
Heated Water
Seated Toilet
Cell Signal
Parking on Premise

  • Four delicious (for real) meals and drinks
  • Homestay accommodation arranged by our local host
  • Costs of basic activities and workshops
  • Central Thai cultural show
  • Local community tour guide
  • Accident insurance coverage
  • Enjoy seasonal fresh fruits and juice on arrival
  • Take a boat tour of the canal and learn how locals rely on its richness to their benefits
  • Hop into the canal for a refreshing swim
  • Hang out at the community center to learn local crafts like soap making, sticky rice desserts, or refine your own fresh virgin coconut oil
  • Visit fruit orchards and get to taste exotic fruits like durian, mangosteens, and rambutans
  • Get adventurous and hike into the woods with locals and rangers
  • Wake up early for a round of alms giving and merit making when the monks stroll by
USD per guest
Arrive and meet your host, locals, and the village headman at the Huai Raeng community center. It's an elevated open-air house used for festivities or reception. Take a sip of the freshly prepared fruit juices or hot herbal tea and listen to locals introduce you to Huai Raeng Village.
Community based tourism is about the two-way interaction between travelers and locals. After hearing their stories, don't be shy to share a little about yourself. Share with locals what you expect from the trip so they can prepare one of your most memorable travel experiences.

Join the tour through the Huai Raeng river surrounded by lush green fruit orchards, palm trees, and coconut trees. When the weather is at its best, this river cruise gives you an amazing scenic ride with the vibrant natural colors contrasting each other. Learn about how locals make use of the palm tree through its different stages of growth -- from cigarette paper to hats to desserts.
Optional: As part of the community based tourism's goal to enable local youths to earn pocket money, the village gathered talented youths to form this dance group. Enjoy the lively performance before dinner.

Gather around for dinner. You could be using the table or they may invite you to form a circle on the floor for a more authentic experience. Food at Huai Raeng is one of the best we have ever tasted. Combining fresh local produce with their exciting palette of flavors, Huai Raeng food always draws us back for more.
Every morning, monks arrive at the Huai Raeng Village by crossing the narrow suspension bridge. Locals prepare and share food to the monks as an act of merit making.

This activity must not be missed. Huai Raeng boasts a smart and eco-friendly way of packing food. Most importantly, grandma will teach you how to make a really simple yet delicious fried rice dish to-go.

According to the locals, fruit orchards here are abundant because of the rich river. Up your fruit vocabularies with unique and exotic Thai fruits.
Enjoy the dish you learned to make just a while ago. After being briefly wrapped in sun dried betel leaves, the rice now exudes a light aroma of betel.

Leave behind lasting memories and feel inspired by the local Huai Raeng way of life. Exchange contacts and be sure to send back photographs and postcards. The men, women, and youths who run the community based tourism program at Huai Raeng are all ears when it comes to feedback of your experience -- so let them know about your stay!

Local Alike Community Fund

Every traveler contribute to this fund automatically and it's used to create better and safer experiences for travelers and locals alike.