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About this Experience

Ban Lam Khanun Community, Trang is an agricultural community located on the edge of upstream forest at the foot of Bantad Mountain Range. The area is very abundant and filled with forests and rivers and canals. The villagers had settled down here since 1984. The name “Lam Khanun” comes from the large jackfruit tree (Khanun in Thai) at the canal bank, so the villagers.
  • Take a boat ride along Lam Pikun Canal for total distance of 8 km.
  • Enjoy traditional art performance such as Manorah and Nang Talung Shadow Puppet.

Preserve local wisdom

You can be a person who preserve local wisdom and promote local wellbeing very easy just by traveling with us.

Your Itinerary


9.00 a.m. Arrive at the community and receive a warm welcome. 9.30 a.m. Learn about energy resources such as electricity generated from hydro power 10.00 a.m. Visit a sufficiency-economy-based farm.


12.00 Enjoy lunch. 1.00 p.m. Learn the making of shadow puppets used in Nang Talung, a traditional shadow puppet show. 2.00 p.m. Visit Sairung Waterfall or take a boat to enjoy the scenery. Buy some souvenirs before travelling back.

Package Detail


  • Local Guide
  • Activities listed on the itinerary
  • Equipment for workshops


  • Personal expenses

Logistical Information

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What to Expect

Stay with Host Family
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Electricity 24/7
Body Hygiene Kit
Heated Water
Air Conditioning
Seated Toilet
Wireless Internet
Cell Signal
Wheelchair Accessible
Parking on Premise
Safe Deposit Box
Laundry Service

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