Life by the Sea, Laemsak, Krabi (1D)

Laemsak, Krabi,Krabi,Thailand

Come here and you will fall for fairytale-like sceneries and panoramic views at the edge of the cape. Get your hands on community’s conservation activities and experience the richness tri-cultural local lifestyle of Thai, Muslim, and Chinese has been peacefully steady in harmony for many generations.

Private Bathroom
Electricity 24/7
Seated Toilet
Cell Signal
  • 1 lunch meal (Khao Kluk Kapi with shrimp or local food)
  • Long-tail boat fare
  • Orchards and Nipa palms
  • Local community guide
  • Group accidental insurance
  • Community pick-up truck fare.
What to expect
  • Experience the richness of tri-cultural diversity at the edge of the Laemsak cape.
  • Set sail to see the beauty of nature, and rare prehistoric paintings with your own eyes.
  • Join the community conservation activities.
  • Taste Khao Kluk Kapi (Thai fried rice with shrimp paste) and fresh Caulerpa lentillifera (sea grapes), the famous local dish. We guarantee that the paste is really tasty and very clean.
USD per guest

9.30am. Travel to Leamsak community pier. Get to know the routes and how to take a long-tail boat. - Observe and explore nature ecosystems and the marine biodiversity of Leamsak. - See the prehistoric paintings of 3,000 years. Go search for heart of the mountains. - Take a walk through the fishermen’s lifestyle. See how they do fish farming in floating baskets. - Experience the similarity and dissimilarity of the sea and mountains in Leamsak Lagoon. - Take photos of significant landmarks of Leamsak sea, Fa Faed (Twin) and Lak Kone mountains. (nails)

12.00am. Join the Orchards Conservation Group to help bring such beauty back to the forest. After that, you shall try delicious “Khao Kluk Kapi” (Fried rice with shrimp paste) or other kinds of local food for lunch at Ban Ao Nam. 1.00pm. Visit Orchard Conservation Center and Shrimp Paste Factory. Join the activity “Implanted from the heart”, which allows you to conserve and restore Nipa palms, the economic plant of the community. Before heading back, we will stop by to see the tri-cultural attractions. 3.00pm. Visit Leamsak Pagoda at 360° view point. See Ban Hua Lam mosque and the Muslim way of life along the seaside. Take your step to the holy place, Sok Po See Aye shrine to show your respect and make a wish to the holy Sok Po See Aye god that had been bought with the group of Chinese immigrant who came by boat to settling here over 100 years ago. See ancient Baba houses. Have a safe journey back home.

Empowering people

Learning about Leamsak model for community social enterprise which consists of many occupation groups in the area.Tourism will empower the community to be able to manage themselves sustainably with stronger relationships, strengthening the foundations of community trust and unity.

Environmental Conservation

Poverty Alleviation

Arts, Cultures & Beliefs

Food & Agiculture

Infrastructure Improvement