Let Me Be a Farmer for One Day For Student

Pathum Thani, Thailand
1 Day
English, Thai

About the trip
Outdoor & Adventure Local Wisdom Hands-on Workshop
Simply learn about nature near Bangkok. The trip is right for children and students who want to learn about farming and agriculture.
  • See the venerable grandfather Seng of Wat Bangna.
  • Role-play as a farmer.
  • Do the quality duck farming in a natural way.

Start the day with the "a-day-at-G-Farm" activity for one day. Act as the farm owner and do activities or create some work from unused materials. Take some rest and have lunch, with Stir-Fried Rice Vermicelli with Water Mimosa and Giant Prawns with the great mixture of soft texture and intense sauce in contrast with Water Mimosa. Then, continue with another activity to role play as a farmer and learn how to do animal farming, be it chickens, ducks, goose, frogs, rabbits, sheep, and fish exclusively as the animals are very friendly. In the end, say goodbye and mention good impressions.


Price of 590 Baht/person


For advance reservations:

Facebook: G farm at Sam Khok




  • Price of 590 Baht/person
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