Thai Natural Spa & Massage, Krabi (1D)

Krabi, Thailand
Half Day Tour
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About the trip
Active and Fit
Take a break from work and daily chaos with this award-winning day spa program provides guests with full day of a peaceful getaway to rejuvenate and relax in our mineral hot springs. Experience our signature program that combines the science of hydrotherapy with the ancient art of Thai spa and culture while enjoying the natural setting of Wareerak. Reward yourself with the gift from nature.
  • Live more slowly. Feel the natural calmness and contentment.
  • Relax yourself with hydrotherapy and Thai massages
  • Rejuvenate and relax in southern style mineral hotspring
  • Half-day spa course, Kinnaree Rueng-ra : exfoliate your skin with natural ingredients and immerse yourself in natural mineral water. Take a yoga lesson. You will learn Rusie Dutton post combined with Ram Kinnaree post. Acupressure massage in the water.
  • 60 minutes Thai massage for adults only
  • Swimming gear for onsen
  • Refreshment drinks
  • Fruits
  • Walking shoes
  • First Aid kit
Day One
Half day program: 09:00am-12:00pm or 13:30pm-17:00pm Late morning or afternoon When you arrive, change your cloth to something comfortable and be ready for the full-day spa, Kinnaree Rueng-Ra: - Exfoliate your skin with fresh natural ingredients so that your skin can efficiently absorb essential minerals. The ingredients, however, do not contaminate natural water resources. - Soak yourself in natural mineral water. The water does not contain sulfur. The PH equals 6.9, which means, it is almost neutral according to acidity and basicity. The water is also good to be used for hydrotherapy and water yoga teaching, especially with the combination of Rusie Dutton pose and Ram Kinnaree pose. - Acupressure massage in the water with herbal balls. This perfectly helps cure office syndrome.
60 minutes Thai massage. Soft natural wind gently blows when you lie down. Slowly close your eyes and be feel the fresh air of the forest and soothing sounds of the waterfall. (This activity is for adults only) End of spa program with peaceful mind * The program and schedule may be subjected to change*
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Cherish the wisdom of Thainess

This place is developed based on Thai wisdom and well-designed for less energy consumption.

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