Bangkok Night Rider, Bangkok (1D)

Baan Dinso boutique hotel, Ratchadamnoen, Bangkok,Bangkok,Thailand
Bangkok is Asia's nightlife capital and it's easy to hit the clubs, bars, restaurant and parties but less known and more difficult to explore are the local and hidden dimensions of the city's life after dark that will give you a very different perspective on Bangkok at night. The way life in the old riverside communities transforms, the different and distinct feels and atmospheres of mystical alleys, residential quarters, haunted mansions, bustling markets and epic temples are best explored through a bike ride. We crafted a diverse route through the back alley of Bangkok's early neighborhoods, temples and the bowels of the city's biggest markets to uncover Bangkok's hidden gems, stunning views and yummy street food all the while gaining unique perspectives on one of Asia's greatest cities.

  • High quality Merida, Trek, and Gary Fisher mountain bikes with lights and helmets
  • Your designated VEO, Vanguard Experience Officer
  • Plenty of water, yummy snacks, and street food dinner in Chinatown
  • Drink on one of the most stunning riverside bars
  • Rain cover (if it rains!)
  • A fun and easy ride suitable for all levels and age groups
  • An offbeat bike route designed to unveil different and unknown perspectives of one of Asia's greatest cities
  • Local life and narratives of Bangkok's unseen neighborhoods
  • Visit bustling night markets and sights
  • Enjoy iconic places in a different light
  • Soak in the incredible locations and spectacular view
  • Small group size for more personal experience
  • Proper Gary Fisher, Merida, and Trek mountain bikes equipped with lights and helmets
USD per guest
5.30 PM. Meet up at the meeting point : Lobby Baan Dinso Boutique Hotel (Right by the Democracy Monument, make sure the taxi is not taking you to Victory Monument!!) Address: 78/3 Ratchadamnoen Klang Road, Pranakorn. Call: +66 (0)86-815-3300 See map link below:
6.00PM. Start of the journey of approx.10-12km, flat riding. Suitable for beginners. Extended version possible 20km and beyond (for private group tours). Flat riding, narrow alleys and wider roads lead you to explore local life and narratives of Bangkok’s unseen neighborhoods, anIconic places in a different light or bustling markets and sights.
10.30PM. The experience mostly end around this time

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