a day as an Artisan, Chiang Mai (1D)

Chiang Mai,Thailand

There are many reasons to love Chiang Mai. Arts and crafts are definitely one of them. How about exploring Chiang Mai in a very local way, like taking a Rot Daeng (local truck share taxi) ride, tasting and trying local food, or even learning to talk in Northern dialects? Get to know more about Chiang Mai through local friends and artists. Listen to their stories and learn the history of Silver Smith village. Follow our local friends who will be showing us different Lanna crafts through workshops. Are you reading for your "Day As An Artisan"?

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  • Delicious local lunch cooked by the locals
  • Refreshing drinks and snacks
  • Activities as listed in the itinerary
  • Cultural workshops: Lacquerware and Lanna traditional flag
  • Community leader as your local guide
  • Local transportation (Rot Daeng)
  • Support and translation staff from Local Alike
  • Travel insurance by Bangkok Insurance with coverage up to 500,000 THB
What to expect
  • Spend you day just like what local friends in Chiang Mai do
  • Take a Rot Daeng ride to explore old city
  • Enjoy homemade Northern Thai foods and drinks by locals
  • Savor your time attending Lanna workshops
  • Make crafts to take home as souvenirs
USD per guest

08:45 AM Meet up at Three Kings Monument Let's Let's meet up at Three Kings Monument located in front of Chiang Mai City Arts and Cultural Center Get Starting!Explore Chiang Mai's old city, with its ancient walls and moats, by a red cab.Visit Muen Sarn Temple to take a look at the beauty of local art gallery. Take a relaxing stroll around the community to see lifestyles of the locals and see the artisans making silverware in their house.Participate Buddhist Worship Offering Workshop. Learn how to make Tung (Lanna Flag) and try to create your own. Visit the handicrafts center of Sri Suphan Temple, the school of 10 divisions of craftsmen. Marvel at the silver ordination hall.

Lunch is local food served in the temple area.Next Station, Head to Nantaram Temple where the Professional Lacquerware Group of Wat Nantharam is located. Visit the local artisan group situated inside the Nantaram Temple. Listen to stories of the community and how they help preserve traditional handicraft products.

Learn how basic lacquerware is produced and try to make some yourself.Then, it's time to say your farewells. We hope you have a wonderful trip!

Old Chiang Mai Preservation Group

This trip supports and helps keep the spirit of cultural tourism strong.