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About this Experience

There are many Thai dishes that are in risk of disappearing from popular culture, especially royal Thai cuisine. The royal Thai cuisine is very unique in flavor. It is aThai art fo that deserves to be preserved. The Kudeejeen neighborhood, only 30 minutes away from Bangkok city center, is best known for old Portuguese and Chinese influences from a hundred years ago. Due to the foreign influences, Kudeejeen is also known for its Portugese-Thai-Chinese cuisines. This is the birthplace of many famous royal Thai cuisines such as Kra Tong Tong, Chor Muang, and Lum, which has been influenced by many cultures. Through this experience, you will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience of cooking famous royal Thai cuisine that has hundred years of history, guided by a local chef.
  • Have fun with hand on experience of being a royal chef, guided by local chef
  • Taste royal cuisines you cooked yourself!
  • Learn about the culinary history of this area, and how people can live in a harmony at Kudeejeen Community even though they have different cultures
  • Enjoy a local walking tour

Preserving Local Wisdom

You can be a person who preserve local wisdom and promote local wellbeing very easy just by traveling with us.

Your Itinerary


9:00 a.m. Local Alike staff will be waiting at Saphan Taksin BTS Station. Look for our Trip Explorers in our signature "Local Alike" T-Shirts! We will hop on the Chao Phraya river boat, cruising to Yodpiman pier, where we can take a boat crossing the Chao Phraya to Wat Kalayanamitr pier. After that, we will walk through the pathway along the temple, leading to a lost treasure of a community called "Kudeejeen Community," where our kind host, P'Tan, is awaiting. She will tell you the impressive story of the Kudeejeen royal cuisine. Best known for its foreign influence, Kudeejeen community exists as a perfect harmony between different cultures that traces back to the influx of Portugese immigrants during the time before Bangkok became the capital city of Thailand. One of these valuable cultures is the cuisine. Kudeejeen locals have infused foreign techniques with local Thai tastes. Menu items here are simple yet historical. Then, we will get together to learn how to cook Kudeejeen appetizer, lef by P'Tan at her residence. After learning how to cook Kudeejeen Royal appetizer, it's time for you to challenge yourself in 'Kudeejeen's Kitchen, the competition to find the real Kudeejian chef. You will be divided into 2 teams, each of which will be designed to cook one among several menu items that P'Tan taught before. The winner of the challenge is determined by P'Tan' s opinions. We will then enjoy the delicious lunch you cooked together. Once we find the winner of 'Kudeejeen's Kitchen, our local guide will take you on a short walk in Kudeejeen community. We will going to visit the local community museum. This museum is managed and own by local residence, Ms. Tong, who wants to preserve the community's history for the next generation. This museum contains all antique items from the owner ancestor. We will get a clearer picture about community's history and how foreigner influence to Thai society in the old day. There are much more stories of Kudeejeen than we can share with you here!


At the end of the walking tour, we will walk back to Kalayanamitr pier and hop on a river harbor crossing back to Yodpiman pier. Bangkok being as big of a metropolis as it is today, there is still has a huge population of residents who live by the water in very traditional ways. We will conclude this memorable one-day trip by sending you off at Yodpiman market around 12:30 p.m. Notes** 1. Please arrive at the meeting point promptly on time at 9.00 am. 2. The guideline itinerary can be subject to change due to weather, accessibilityility, local happenings, travelers' fitness levels and/or other unpredictable events. Local Alike will try our best to work with locals on planning suitable replacements if necessary replacements arise. 3. Travel insurance is included in package and is mandatory for all Local Alike trips

Package Detail


  • Travel insurance is included in package, and is mandatory for all Local Alike trips
  • Transportation during the entire experience
  • Local English speaking guide
  • Delicious lunch provide by local people
  • Royal cuisine cooking class


  • Pick up and drop off service from your accommodation to the meeting point
  • Alcohol beverage

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What to Expect

Stay with Host Family
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Electricity 24/7
Body Hygiene Kit
Heated Water
Air Conditioning
Seated Toilet
Wireless Internet
Cell Signal
Wheelchair Accessible
Parking on Premise
Safe Deposit Box
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大熊 ( 10.0 )

January 11, 2018 · Taiwan

I saw a different possibility and beautiful things of Thailand.

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