a day as a Jewelry Maker, Bangkok (1D)

Thonglor 5-7,Sukhumvit,Bangkok,Thailand
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This workshop is established by a jewelry makers expert to share their passion in jewelry making. The class was designed as a creative outlet for everyone, no experience required. You will learn the introduction to beginners jewelry making techniques (e.g. designing, sawing, filing, texturing, soldering and finishing).

During the class, you can learn how to style your own piece and have hand-on experience. You will receive your master piece as unique as your back home by the end of the class.

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Mrs Laura TUDAL ( 10.0 )

February 12, 2018 · Singapore

  • No more than 15 grams of sterling silver
  • A jewelry make by yourself back home
  • English speaking instructor
  • Get hand on experiences of making your own jewelry even though you never have any experience before
  • Learn a short introduction to jewelry making tools and studio safety from the expert
  • Enjoy your freedom of choosing to complete either a ring, a pair of earrings or a pendant made in sterling silver
  • Designs your own jewelry guided by the techniques of jewelry making
  • Have fun with a jewelry making from scratch
  • Got your unique jewelry made by yourself
  • Enjoy your free time in a friendly, relaxing and creativity environment
  • Make new friends and be a part of craft loving community
  • An introduction for people of interest, for further education in the art of jewelry making
USD per guest
Workshop time: 1p.m. - 6p.m. The workshop begin by the instructor will introduce studio safety and how to use tools. You will learn how to design jewelry. Then choose your favorite accessory among ring, a pair of earrings or pendant and use your imagination to create your own jewelry. After that it’s time to start making it !! During the section feel free to ask any questions with the instructor. By the end of the class, you will feel proud of yourself with a wonderful jewelry making by yourself which is the only one in the world. And yes, it’s absolutely your!!

Make a better life for children

Our partner utilizes their jewelry skills to make arms of glasses. Money that receive from people who buy a cool style of glasses will go to a charity for disabled children.