Exploring the World of Karen Hilltribe, Kanchanaburi (Joined tour)

Kanchanaburi, Thailand
1 Day
English, Thai

About the trip
Outdoor & Adventure History & Culture Gastronomy
This trip will bring you to the heart of a Karen hilltribe village in the mountain. This little peaceful village situates amid the unexploited forested mountain in Kanchanaburi which is about 250 kilometers from Bangkok. Trekking on the tribesman's trail into the wood, you will partake in a wide range of forest-oriented activities representing their way of life. Unbeknown waterfalls and other spots are the highlights of the trip which you cannot find in the mass tour. You will definitely experience the real hilltribe by not only dining the local meals which will be cooked onsite with mountain herbs and wild vegetables but also, lodging in a tropical cabin next to the mountain stream and the sounds of nocturnal animals
  • Real hilltribe experience in the village
  • Soft trekking in the real forest
  • Hot meals freshly cooked with traditional ingredients
  • Climb unexploited waterfalls
  • Learn how to prepare tribal meals
Day One

11:00. Meet at the village (Ban Ton Maphrao school) or pick you up at Kanchanaburi downtown if you add on the pick up service. You will partake in a range of activities that will you into the world of the tribe.


11:30. Your first activity is hiking! This will take around 2 hours into the real deep forest. You will walk in the mountain stream, climb some waterfalls, and gather some herbs along the way. Ps: expect your shoes to get wet!

13:30. Reach the cabin. You will partake in a cooking session. Taste and smell herbal ingredients that grow in this forest and cook steamed rice in bamboos. You can also relax in the mountain stream right next to the cabin. Let the stream runs through you before meal.


15:30. Visit a real Karen house further in the forest. Receive a blessing in a small ritual before returning to the village by vehicle.


17:00. Leave the village and say goodbye. 

19:00. Arrive at Kanchanaburi downtown. (only for the traveler who add on the drop off service)



  • Seasonal Karen tribal meal freshly cooked with ingredients from the forest
  • Drinking water
  • Welcome snack
  • Lunch
  • Karen guides from the village
  • *We bring female staff to accompany female travelers
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